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10 Reasons to do GYROTONIC®
Mobilise the spine and free the joints
Develop profound core body strength
Release tension in the body
Enhance neuromuscular stimulation
Detoxify with specific breathing patterns
Improve three-dimensional range of movement
Develop body alignment awareness
Increase bone strength and density
Revitalise your natural energy
Balance symmetry in the body

GYROTONIC Expansion System®

Still relatively new to the UK, The GYROTONIC Expansion System® is gaining huge popularity worldwide as a totally new concept in exercise. The system was created in the USA by Juliu Horvath who has combined years of experience as a dancer and gymnast with his in depth knowledge of yoga and Chinese medicine.

The GYROTONIC® system uses equipment designed around the human body utilising weights, pulleys and wheels to create a wide range of spherical movement which articulates and mobilises the joints while strengthening the body's core musculature. Particular attention is paid to increasing flexibility in the spine, releasing tension in the upper body and improving co-ordination through movement.

Exercises are combined with synchronised breathing patterns which enhance aerobic and cardiovascular stimulation and promote neuromuscular rejuvenation. Developing a better awareness of our breathing habits clears toxins and revitalises all the major systems in the body.

The hand crafted equipment allows total freedom of movement and can be adjusted to suit any body weight and level of strength. The even and constant resistance in the handle unit and pulleys completely eliminates any jarring or tension at the ends of the movements, unlike many conventional resistance machines.

"The GYROTONIC EXPANSION SYSTEM® is perfect for rehabilitation of injuries and muscular conditions such as fibromyalgia because it strengthens the body without directly overworking the muscles." Jo Brennan

The assault on our bodies and minds that today's lifestyle inflicts creates faulty ingrained posture and movement patterns leading to pain and fatigue. GYROTONIC® exercises encourages the bone structure to align thus facilitating fluid movement and enabling the muscles and joints to lengthen throughout the body instead of moving with shortness and compression. The systems unique three-dimensional patterns create improved body awareness which can be applied throughout ones life.

The GYROTONIC® technique also works on an energetic level stimulating and strengthening the meridian flows of the body which helps to develop a powerful strength from within and an improved sense of well being.

The system can be adapted to any level of fitness, age or ability and is used widely for therapeutic purposes as well as for general body conditioning or as part of a dance/sport specific training programme.

Lessons are on a one to one basis which allows you to work on a programme designed specifically to your needs and enables you to reap the maximum benefit from the system.
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The GYROKINESIS® system, also referred to as the 'Essentials of Body Kinetics' works the entire body through seven natural elements of spinal movement without the use of equipment.

The class begins with self-massage and breathing techniques to awaken the senses, followed by a series of exercises seated on low stools which mobilise the spine through a series of arching, curling, twisting and spiralling movements. As the class progresses the movements increase in size and complexity to release and strengthen all parts of the body, while stimulating the nervous system and energy pathways through corresponding breathing patterns.

Fluidity of movement is a key element of the class and postures are not held for long periods of time. This fluid momentum improves stamina and builds strength while resulting in you feeling open and relaxed yet supremely energised.

Juliu Horvath

Juliu Horvath was born and raised in Romania and grew up enjoying various sports including swimming and gymnastics. He began studying ballet aged 19 and was soon dancing leading roles with the Romanian State Opera.

Juliu defected in 1970 and eventually headed for New York to continue his dancing career with the New York City Opera, Radio City Music Hall and the Houston Ballet. After his career was abruptly ended by a ruptured achilles tendon Juliu began intensive yoga study and practice.

He deepened his knowledge of yoga and the inner workings of the body whilst living on St Thomas in the Virgin Islands. During this time he began to devise his own movement system now known as GYROKINESIS®. On his return to New York he began building a dedicated following at his White Cloud Studio and over time developed the equipment upon which the GYROTONIC Expansion System® is built.

Juliu is constantly developing his system further and his influence has spread rapidly around the world with GYROTONIC® exercise studios finding great popularity in many countries.

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