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GYROTONIC® and GYROKINESIS® Teacher Training
with Elaine Puren & Beatriz Pascual

November 2018 GYROTONIC® Level 2 Pre-training (programme 2):
January 2019 GYROTONIC® Supervised Apprentice hours:
25, 26, and 27 (last 3 days)
February 2019 GYROTONIC® Level 2 Programme 2 Course: 8, 9, 10 and 11
May 2019 GYROTONIC® Pre-training: 12 - 14 & 17 - 19
"Taking class and attending teacher training with Elaine and Beatriz has been the right way forward for me: every session is inspirational, effective and enjoyable. Precision, safe practice and clarity go hand in hand with creativity, flow and finding individual solutions. I recommend their courses to anyone starting or wanting to go that step further." Susanne Lahusen
(Pilates Foundation, British Wheel of Yoga, STAT)

Elaine and Beatriz are proud to be two of the first teachers in the UK certified by Juliu Horvath as GYROTONIC® and GYROKINESIS® Master Trainers. They have been working together for many years and run the GYROTONIC® at Studio 74 as well as running regular teacher training both in London and Europe.

Anyone interested in teacher training should contact us on the details below.

Elaine Puren
Tel. 07801 565 310
Email Elaine

Beatriz Pascual
Tel. 07931 552 849
Email Beatriz

Please be aware that it is essential to have prior experience of GYROTONIC® or GYROKINESIS® classes before enrolling on a Pre-Training Course.


For aspiring teachers in either GYROTONIC® or GYROKINESIS® we offer:

  • Pre-Training Course
  • Foundation Course
  • Apprentice Supervised Review

For Certified teachers we offer:

  • GYROTONIC Level 1 Updates
  • All GYROTONIC Level 2 courses
  • GYROKINESIS Level 1 Updates
  • GYROKINESIS Beginner Level 2
  • GYROKINESIS updates to music
"I have taken several courses led by Elaine and Beatriz, and have always found them to be inspirational. Together they succeed not just in conveying the subtlety of movement but also the thought that accompanies it. I would recommend their courses to anyone interested in deepening their understanding of GYROTONIC® and GYROKINESIS® on a physical and intuitive level." Suzanne Scott