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Gyrotonic & Pilates Studio in London Bridge SE1

"Studio 74 provides an ideal setting for the GYROTONIC® and Pilates exercise methods. These approaches include joint flexibility and stability by developing balanced muscle tone. I have found it very beneficial." Ian Schofield, Osteopath

Studio 74 is housed on the ground floor of an 18th Century building in lively Bermondsey Street which is on the south side of the river between London Bridge and Tower Bridge.

Only a six minute walk from busy London Bridge Station the studio offers a sanctuary where clients are able to relax and recharge in an atmosphere brimming with warmth and character.

The private setting allows clients to gain maximum benefit from the close personal supervision of our teachers.


The integrity of both the Pilates Method and the GYROTONIC® Expansion System is maintained by using the very best hand-crafted equipment imported from California.

The GYROTONIC® Pulley Tower Unit utilises a system of weighted pulleys and wheels which create a smooth and constant resistance allowing for total freedom of movement.

The Studio offers three Pilates machines: a Studio Reformer, a Half-Trapeze and a Wunda Chair. These specially designed machines use non-impact resistance against tensioned springs to work, isolate and develop specific muscle groups.

"Studio 74 has a calm and friendly atmosphere created by the use of natural materials and a sensitive use of space." Jenny Howells, Historian & Local Resident
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